Our store contains a wide range of luxury clothing for men from size 48 to 64.

We make very careful selections as we develop our range, offering tailored items of the best possible quality.


In terms of suits, we mainly stock two Italian brands, Brioni and D'Avenza, whose designs use exceptional fabrics such as silk and wool. As for finishing touches, these two fashion houses use hand-stitched super 150 and super 180 (ratio between the amount of material and the yarn) fabrics.

Handcrafted in Italian workshops, these suits range from the completely classic look to the more modern, as well as tuxedos. In this way they suit men of any age and at any time of life.

To embellish the suits, we also stock every complimentary accessory such as bow ties, belts, cravats and also scarves.

Some suits are available ready-to-wear right here and we also offer a tailor-made suit design service. Depending on the fabrics and specifications of the chosen suit, there may be a wait of 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the suppliers.

In any event, we have swatches in store, showing the fabrics available.

We will take measurements right here, at your hotel or at your place of work, then we send the design to our suppliers. After that, you come back to see us for any adjustments and the final touches.


To match the suits, you can make your choice from a range of classic cotton shirts or other shirts made from linen or silk of unbeatable quality (Jacquard).

In addition, classic cotton, jeans or standard, our trousers will give you allure and style.


We stock a range of blazers and coats for winter or summer, made from luxurious fabrics like cashmere and fur.